Chapter 5 Development Strategies  
1.Describe the trend that views software as a service rather than a product. What effect has this trend had on software acquisition options?
2.Explain the difference between horizontal application software and vertical application software.
3.What is the most common reason for a company to choose to develop its own information system? Give two other reasons why a company might choose the in-house approach.
4.What is an RFP, and how does it differ from an RFQ?
5.What is the purpose of a benchmark test?
6.Explain software licenses and maintenance agreements.
7.What decisions might management reach at the end of the systems analysis phase, and what would be the next step in each case?
8.What is a prototype, and how do systems developers use prototyping?
9.What is a fourth-generation environment?
10.What is a code? List and describe each of the common coding schemes.