Chapter 10 Systems Operation and Support  
1.Where does systems implementation fit in the SDLC, what tasks typically are performed during systems implementation? And why is quality assurance so important?
2.Describe top-down design and modular design.
3.Describe structure charts and symbols, and define cohesion and coupling.
4.Define unit testing, integration testing, and system testing.
5.What types of documentation does a systems analyst prepare, and whatwould be included in each type?
6.What is the purpose of an operational environment and a test environment?
7.Who must receive training before a new information system is implemented ?
8.List and describe the four system changeover methods. Which of the system changeover methods generally is the most expensive? Why? Which of the system changeover methods generally is the riskiest? Why?
9.Who should be responsible for performing a post-implementation evaluation?
10.List the information usually included in the final report to management.